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Calculate Your Potential Refunds on Duty Drawback Now

Refunds on Duty Drawback Now

Here's the deal, sometimes you may have a goal in mind but you don't really know how to go about getting that accomplished. Or maybe you know how, but you don't know who can help you do it that can be trusted.

This is why we built our estimated drawback refunds calculator. So that as a business, you can have a really good idea as to what kind of duty drawback refunds you can expect to see if you complete a drawback program with CITTA Brokerage Co.

The things you need to know for the estimate:

  • Take the dollar amount of duties you paid in the last 5 years (or to play it safe, 3 years)

  • Times that by the percentage of those imports that you exported ANNUALLY (example 30% is .30 in our software)

  • Then you will have an estimated refund value. Click the image below to complete your estimations easily.

Click here to check your estimated drawback refunds, and then once you are done and have your numbers, go ahead and send us an email to let us know of your results.


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