Think of it a lot like this. Either way, you need to keep your business up and running, shipping to and from certain locations, am I right? That being said, remember there will always be duty drawback refunds to be had and mistakes to be corrected. Let the experts do the dirty work so you can keep your business flowing smoothly.


Stress free? Always. From pulling documents, to catching errors, processing requests, filing refunds and on to follow up, we do it all. That way your business can focus the way it is supposed to and the way you need in order to continue generating revenue. 

As a company that has been doing this duty drawback process for over thirty-four years, we know exactly what to do to maximize your benefits and refunds. We are unmatched in expertise and continually outrank competitors.


So want to give us a try? Challenge accepted. 


Well, let's put it this way; if you don't get your duty drawbacks refund, we don't get paid. Enough said. Commissions ensure that we work as hard as possible to get you the largest refund available to your company. 

Are You A Broker

or Freight Forwarder?

Brokers/FF Can Benefit From Partnering With CBC

A contractual arrangement between CBC and a Broker/FF is always customized so that it meets the their needs and benefits both parties.


Many Brokers/FF's do not pursue drawback because they erroneously believe their clients do not qualify. As explained on the "eligible claimants" page, however, either the exporter, the importer, or an intermediate consignee may be in a position to make a claim. Other Brokers may avoid drawback because it is very document intensive and complex. By making drawback its specialty, CBC is in a position to resolve any drawback issues that may arise.

A client who benefits from a drawback program will be more satisfied with the Brokers/FF's overall services. And the contractual arrangement is flexible. The contract between CBC and their clients may either be direct or through the Broker/FF, according to their preference.

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