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How Does the Duty Drawback Program Work for the Consignee?

Duty Drawback Program

The duty drawback is related to 99% drawback claim provided to the consignee parties who possess the necessary certification and products. It is provided to the importer or exporters from whom the Customs Department has collected duties while importing the merchandise. The claim is only allowed if the goods are destroyed or exported to other countries. Moreover, it follows a particular well-knit program so that brokers can help the concerned parties to avail the drawback claim.

Important Features of Duty Drawback Program

Major changes in the duty drawback claim program make a consignee to take services from the certified and experienced brokers. The brokers are well versed with newer provisions introduced by the U.S. government in the drawback claim in 2017 and beyond.

Here, the duration of merchandise refund and drawback claim are changed to 3 years for imports and exports. This period remains same for unused and manufacturing drawback goods.

The parties that possess official documents and a certificate of delivery will be able to get 99% of the duty drawback claim. Below are some more features relative to the drawback program that will help the consignee to get a proper insight:

  • The claimant parties must hire the brokers from their jurisdictions only as they are aware of the prevalent laws before filing a claim and NAFTA regulations provided by Federal Departments.

  • The hiring of an experienced professional will help the importer and exporter to understand the rules set forth by the Customs Department. The availability of necessary documents will help claimant parties in their audit work.

  • Another advantage of taking professional services is saving the respective consignee from a penalty. This can happen in the vague of wrong filing of the documents, any kind of embezzlement in the audits or recording of incorrect management reports.

Working of the Duty Drawback Program

Here are some necessary pointers that the claimant parties can look forward to the working of this drawback program:

  • Under this, the agencies will seek for the types of a duty drawback program under which the merchandise falls. The unused products that are not used in the USA prior to their exportation to other countries. Here, the importer or exporter whosoever is in the possession of endorsement will receive 99% of the claim.

  • The goods falling under the ‘Manufacturing Merchandise Drawback’ where the goods are being manufactured before they are exported can also claim a refund.

  • Here, another condition for claiming a drawback is that if the goods do not match the samples, shipped without the approval of consignee or found defective at the time of import, then these are also eligible for a drawback claim.

To conclude, it can be stated that the parties either exporter or importer of products must take the advice or service for filing the duty drawback claim from the efficient brokers. The claimants can take the services from brokers of CITTA Brokerage Company. For details and quotes, reach them at


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