How Do We Do It, You Ask?

When you join up with our customs house broker experts, you gain the knowledge and expertise of leading duty drawback refund maximization abilities in the industry.

Also, we will ensure that we also maintain compliance across the board so you never have to worry about your duty drawback.


HOW NAVIGATE 301'S & 232'S

When it comes to these new tariffs, many companies are confused and lost as to what to do. The good news is, you can get drawback refunds.

united states-Mexico-Canada agreement

The USMCA is a great deal for all three countries. Many changes were made to NAFTA to reduce trade barriers

out with the old, in with the new

CORE filing used to be the method for drawback to get refunds and make claims. But TFTEA is the new addressed answer to the deficiencies of CORE.




We will be able to generate duty drawback refunds you never knew existed. Let's tap into your refund potential. 

Everything is exponential when it comes to refunds. 

If you are importing and exporting goods, odds are you qualify for a duty drawback refund. That is where we step in to not only define your refunds on duties being processed, but also fix any incorrect classifications upon import.

The purpose of CBC is to help companies recover revenue that is lawfully theirs.

Reliable estimates indicate that more than $2 billion annually in available drawback goes unclaimed. CBC is familiar with a process that tends to elude many eligible duty drawback claimants. Some are not even aware of this potential source of revenue. Others become frustrated with the process and they abandon efforts to file claims.

Drawback claims tend to be unique to each client and each situation. CBC has encountered and resolved a variety of difficulties and has the experience and knowledge to recover duties while relieving clients of the frustration in that process.

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duty drawback
htsus classification
duty drawback refund

Our drawback program assists the client in reaching their full potential in duty drawback refunds with our unmatched expertise.

Our services are different from all other drawback specialists in that we offer the ability to take very complex programs, simplify them and reduce the burden for our clients. Expanded drawback services include third party importers and exporters which then increase the overall refund back to our clients.


Our services include but are not limited to the correlation between imports to exports as well as document gathering, claim support and Customs audit reviews.

When you join our classification program, you will gain access to our master classifiers and their specific expertise in your field.


This means that we have the ability to  implement a process of appropriate classification and also correct duties being paid to ensure compliance.

Ironically, classification is essential for companies to have the correct HTSUS number on each Entry Summary in order to verify the accurate payment of duties. Yet, we find that twenty to thirty percent of all Entry Summary's have classification errors amounting to large refund possibilities. 

Within our systems, we have the ability to maximize your duty refunds by taking the bulk of the workload from you. 

Within our duty drawback program, we have the ability to not only analyze your company, but also identify the various available programs and then determine the best choice for your group. 

In turn, this will result in maximum refunds being generated for your business and overall revenue stream.

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Quality is the best business plan.

With our thirty-four years of experience and unmatched expertise, it's no wonder we are one of the leading Duty Drawback Specialists in the World.

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