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Five Tips for Finding the Customs Broker

Customs Broker

The customs handling process related to import and export proves tedious most of the times that leads to the hiring of Brokerage Consultants. Most of the importers and exporters hire custom broker’s services to get Drawback refunds. With changing rules and regulations, it becomes important to find a right consultant to receive 99% of the Duty Drawback payment. The importers and exporters can check out the following five essential tips to hire an experienced broker for the payment of refunds.

Updated about Changing Custom Rules

It is necessary to take the services of Brokerage Consultants who possesses updated knowledge about the changing custom rules. This will help the importers and exporters to file right documents and pay correct fees. Moreover, a broker must know about the latest trading information and requirements too.

There was news that stated about the suspension of 45 brokers who did not comply well with the ever-changing international custom rules. So, it becomes important to take the services of consultants who keep themselves updated.

Find a Licensed Broker

A licensed custom broker will help the importers and exporters from both U.S. and Canada but he/she must carry the required licenses. These brokers can help people to get a competitive brokerage pricing for the custom goods. The custom broker who is licensed in both the countries will work with reduced mistakes and this will eliminate the need for multiple brokers.

Possession of a Dedicated Team

The importers and exporters must take the services of a broker who has a dedicated team that looks after the Duty Drawback needs of one client at a time. This will help in keeping a good control on an overall work. Moreover, the visibility and communication between the custom department and parties can be streamlined. The dedicated team of a reliable custom broker will provide necessary customized solutions for all the problems.

Use of Modern Technology

Parties must opt for the custom brokers that use modern technology and updated computer software to track the goods and information from the Customs Department. Moreover, the services of brokers who are using electronic transfer of documents and payments must be taken. This will further assist in the reduction of time to deposit custom fees and requisite documents.

Get the Claim Money Fast

The importers and exporters must take the services of a consultant who can get the Duty Drawbacks refund very quick. This will reduce a waiting time for both the parties to receive their long-awaited dues. Moreover, if there will be any issue arising out of any trade agreement or by Custom Department, it can also be resolved by the experienced brokers.

To conclude, it is vital for the parties to get services from the trustworthy and licensed Brokerage Consultants who can accomplish the Duty Drawback process rapidly. People can take the services of a popular CITTA Brokerage Company that provides remarkable services. For more information, people can reach out to this company through


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