• Troy Larkin

How To Recover Revenue From These 301 Tariffs

Being hit with the new exceptionally large 301 Chinese Tariffs is the new reality for companies with imports coming directly from China. Because of these new tariffs, the process of duty drawback is rapidly becoming something that previously unaware companies are now gaining quick knowledge and insight into in order to maintain business and stay above water. Typically, as these new tariffs begin to impact businesses heavily, that is when they begin to consider other motives to recoup those previously lost duties paid. Once they make that decision, that it is worth the time and effort to begin a drawback process, this is when the best decision is made for their business.

Since CITTA Brokerage Co. is one of the Nation’s leading drawback brokers in the U.S., we lead companies into massive revenue recoupments of monies daily, allowing them to breathe a lot easier concerning these 301 tariffs. With drawback as an incredible alternative for a return of duties, taxes or fees paid on merchandises imported and then exported afterward, after the goods have been processed, assembled into the finished article, destroyed while under the supervision of the customs service or left in the same or analogous condition.

Although, a very small percentage of companies know of the process of drawback, many companies are quickly catching on as the new 301 tariffs come into full effect. You would be surprised by how much you stand to gain if you can maximize the effect of the duty drawback. In fact, some companies are fully aware of the advantages of drawback but are not able to use it to their advantage. Most companies just don’t understand the length and depth of the process needed in order to get those refunds from of the reported $2 billion dollars that are unclaimed every year. Others decide to go about recovering the duties and fees through drawback on their own, but soon lose the enthusiasm after becoming frustrated by the process.

This is where CITTA come in and not only offers insight into the effective utilization of drawback, but also promises the ability to extract duty refunds that you never knew existed while helping to ensure that you are in good hands while doing so.

One thing that sets CITTA apart though, is our willingness and ability to take on major complications and turn them into another form of a revenue stream on refund returns. CITTA’s services extend to third-party importers and exporters to ensure that the client gets a refund of what is owed back to them in a timely manner while maintaining compliance with Customs. With the years of experience and level of expertise available through CITTA, you are assured of getting the best out of the drawback program.

CITTA is invested in helping the client in matters regarding gathering the required documents, support for claims and customs audit reviews. CITTA’s service takes the burden off the burden off the client, while working tirelessly to ensure the refund you’re entitled to, finds its way back to you. Using the drawback program in conjunction with other similar opportunities and methodologies, CITTA is determined to get you as much returns as possible from as many channels you have involved during the importation and exportation of the goods.

What else? CITTA also offers the ability to set up a classification program for clients who need a program. This classification program will give you access to several master classifiers who have good background in your field of business. This program is what backs up CITTA’s ability to not only collect duties to the maximum possible amount, but also the ability to ensure that your goods are classified the way they are legally supposed to be classed. With the experts at CITTA, you will be in the best hands when looking to complete a drawback program that you could possibly be in.

If you’re interested in recouping money previously thought lost due to import duties paid, CITTA Brokerage Co. is the best and most professional option to maximize your refunds while maintaining compliance with Customs.


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