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Tips for Hiring A Reliable Custom Broker for Seamless Brokerage Service

Reliable Custom Broker

To control the International trade laws regarding imports and exports in the country the Federal Government has set up many laws regarding Duty Custom brokerage. There are Custom Clearance departments that are set up at Seaports, Airports, and even the road check posts falling near the border areas.

According to an estimate, nearly 96% of the traders stated that custom brokers handle their work. Most of the countries have an access to renowned custom brokers who carry out the whole work of custom clearance. Therefore, if you are looking for reliable custom broker, then here are few tips to hire an experienced custom broker.

Performs Documentation

Custom brokers help in the documentation process for tracking the status of the clients by submitting and storing the required documents. The Duty Custom brokerage documents include the merchandise details, inspection certificate, weight and origin of the products. The custom brokers must be abreast with the latest laws that are ongoing in the country regarding the custom brokerage. Moreover, they can submit the forms electronically from any location and store them for nearly 5 years for further audit by officials from custom and Border Protection department.

Using Latest Technology

The Custom broker must be aware of the most-recent technology and the automation process. The broker must be connected not only with the U.S. Customs portal, but also with the other cargo and custom tracking sites. The broker must also communicate with the consignee and Custom Department officials through E-mail, Telephone, and fax.

Performs the Duties of Legal Representatives

The Custom brokers should also behave as the legal representative of the consignee parties while dealing with the Duty Custom brokerage. If there is any problem regarding import or export, then the broker can carry out the proceedings with the custom officials. The broker can file the necessary report regarding the merchandise with the Customs Department falling under their jurisdiction. The broker can also file information about the tariff, imported goods quantity, import and export goods, etc.

Seamless Communication Service

A good custom broker is aware of the importance of communication while handling the shipments or merchandise of the parties. They should be in proper communication with the consignee right from the filing of the documents until the handling of custom broker service. An experienced broker will keep the importers and exporters updated about every process.

Verifying the Costs Involved

The rules and regulation regarding the custom brokerage duties keep on changing with amendments from the government’s side. It’s been seen nearly 9% of the consignee takes the services of the custom brokers because of tedious laws. Another 14% of parties only take the brokerage services in few transaction cases. The services of custom brokers will help the importers and exporters to avoid any kind of fines, penalties or delays in the transactions. The Custom brokers will check for any kind of faulty declarations.


To conclude, in order to keep the import and export business running seamlessly and smoothly the consignee parties must take the services from the custom brokers. For this, one must take the Duty Custom brokerage services from the experienced custom brokers like CITTA Brokerage Co. that is well-versed with the U.S. Customs Laws.

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