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How Expert Consultants Help Importers and Exporters

Duty Drawback

With changing rules and regulations for imports and exports, it becomes mandatory to take the professional services related to the customs duties of the expert brokers. The changing laws by U.S. Customs department have made it necessary for the consignee parties to take to consulting customs duties services.

The importers and exporters are eligible for 99% of the duty drawback on the custom goods. The period for claiming drawback on duties will also be expanding from the three years to five years in cases of goods imported to the country. Here are few pointers that will help the consignee parties to know how experienced Customs consultants can extend support to them.

Management of Audit and Compliance

The government set up a compliance law way back in the year 1998 where the exporters and the importers have to comply with the customs law under the Mod. Act (Customs Modernization Act). Here it becomes important for the parties to take the consulting from reliable professionals pertaining to customs duties and the refunds associated with them. Consultants guide the consignee on maintaining the proper customs record, to save every document related to imports and exports in order to comply with the Audit process. As stated by the Customs Border Patrol, they collect nearly $840 million or more annually through customs duties .

Saving the Unnecessary Costs

While carrying out imports and exports, the parties may end up paying more duties than necessary with the new law changes rather than the existing law if they are not familiar with how to facilitate drawback. This usually happens when the consignee is ignorant of the changes made in the Customs laws and what this will mean for their business. In any situation, the proper consulting service related to the taxes and the duties will help the importers and exporters to save their hard-earned money.

Industrial Expertise

The consulting customs duties experts possess good knowledge about the Customs and Border laws prevalent in the U.S. They are industry experts looking after minute changes in the rules set up by the government. These rules and regulations are applicable to many different types of products that are imported or exported out of the United States. Therefore, the consultants can guide the parties of whom have previously paid or will be paying on duties as to the accurate amount owed in refunds or the revenue owed to the Customs department depending on which part of the process they are currently proceeding with.

Supports the Trade Practices

The Customs consultants also help the exporters and importers in streamlining varied trade practices and in the supply of goods. The parties are provided with newer ideas to improve the supply of goods and methods to include for the minimization of the risks. The customs consultant should include the following services.

  • Provide knowledge about the trade agreements

  • Create a method of communication between the brokers for quicker turnaround

  • Update the parties with rules framed by the government and the CBP department for movement of goods.

  • Must have knowledge about the tax exemption and various trade duties

  • Prepare documents and carry out the process of refund claims on behalf of their clients

To sum it up, as the laws regarding the imports and exports are changed by the government it becomes necessary to take consulting customs duties service from the experts themselves. For this, importers and exporters can refer to experienced professionals from a world renowned company like the CITTA Brokerage. The brokers help the consignee in various areas and for details, one can reach us at


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