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Exclusion Refunds on 301 Tariffs

Exclusion Refunds on 301 Tariffs

Duty Drawback is a great avenue to get the refund of duties, taxes, feeds that were paid upon import of merchandise. The principle behind duty drawback is to encourage importation into commerce and the continuation through exportation by refunding the customs incurred duties paid by the exporter on imported items.

As a general basis, duties can be refunded in a couple different circumstances. Those would be including actual duties incurred and paid on importation, Harbor Maintenance Fees, Merchandise Processing Fees or anything incurred through destruction of the goods.

This has now been extended to areas such as Exclusion Requests and classification errors requiring Post Summary Corrections. With the new 301 duties and tariffs that have fallen into place, a lot of large companies and corporations are relying heavily on CITTA Brokerage to not only complete drawback on their behalf, but also to complete an exclusions program on their behalf as well. This has been a sure-fire way to maximize refunds on drawback while also being able to continue forward growth as a company by going after exclusions.

If you are a company that regularly imports from China, Exclusion Requests are an avenue that you would absolutely want to investigate further into and have a licensed Broker complete on your behalf. CITTA Brokerage also has the ability to do so with incredible success for our clients.

If these 301 tariffs are an extended area of drawback you are highly considering based on the impact the tariffs have on your business, send us over a request and we would love to look to tailor a program to your or add to your duty drawback program as well.


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