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How Importers Can Receive Post Summary Correction Refunds

A Post Summary Correction is an enhanced and digitally enabled version for the Post Entry Amendment introduced by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. This system is deployed under the ACE or Automated Commercial Environment.

To get the refund from the government the importers need to submit PSC for the ACE type 1,2,3,6,7,21,22,23,31,32,34,38,51, and 52. Here, the informal Type 11 and informal & quota Type 12 entries are not eligible for the PSC refund.

The criteria to receive refund under Post Summary Correction circumstances:

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection have set up few criterion's so that importers or brokers can get a refund for the fee paid under PSC. Below are some of the criterion's for the previously filed PSC or the original entry summary:

  • The “entry summary” must be paid fully or it must be revenue free. The periodic monthly installments that are included must be up to 45 days.

  • The commercial invoice sent by the vendor to the importer is used for the refund process.

  • This summary is not in liquidated position.

  • The filling of the Post Summary Corrections must be done within the 270 calendar days. It cannot be filed within the 20 calendar days of the liquidation date.

  • The summary must not be under the CBP review. Here the importer will receive information that “Post Summary Correction-not allowed under the CBP review.” This message is flashed when the PSC is under the review of Customs and Border Protection.

  • The filling person can file “a protest” if the entry summary is less than 21 days and ACE rejects its transmission.

  • If there is any inaccuracy seen by the importer, it must be immediately reported to the CBP so that there is no hindrance in then claiming process. There is a declaration done in the CBP Form 7501 that states that all the information about the selling of the goods and their costs are disclosed by the importer.

Other Data Required for Refunds:

The PSC filer must be the original filer of the entry summary who possesses the invoices of the products. The ACE must identify the real filer for the communication process regarding the refunds. It must include any further information from the importer’s side too. Here are some of the additional pointers if you are looking for a refund:

  • The data provided by the importer must be up-to-date.

  • If there are any monetary changes done in the invoices, then they must be initiated while filling the PSC.

  • Before providing a refund to the importer or the broker, CBP will track all the submissions done by the importer.

  • One cannot make quarterly submissions of the ACE Entry summaries.

  • There should not be any reconciliation from the importer’s side about the PSC summary.

  • To get the claim, one must file information as Entry number, Line number, total refund value, signed statements or invoices, and personal details like Name, Contact Number, and E-mail address of the importer or the broker.

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